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Dec 2020

Episode 49- A Covid Victory Story- And I don’t mean the vaccine

If you'd like to know which proactive steps you can take to build your health from the inside out during this pandemic, this is the podcast for you. I share Bob's story, a real patient who had all of the risk factors you've heard about on the news but tackled them head on and had a great victory over Covid now but an even greater victory for his future.

Jun 2020

Episode 48- Help, I can’t sleep!

Do you struggle to get to sleep?  Does your mind run overtime at night?  Do you wake up in the middle of the night?  If so, listen in for my 5 Elements of restful sleep and one sleep hack that saved my life.

Jun 2020

Episode 47- How the Covid Pandemic is Wrecking Your Adrenals

Since this covid-19 pandemic and ensuing quarantine took shape, I've been very concerned about the resulting mental health in our country. This is a time of unprecedented stress from uncertainty, fear and dis-empowerment. Learn why it's a recipe for anxiety, depression, poor sleep and overwhelm.  Good news is that there is a solution- listen in for more.

Apr 2020

Episode 46- The Great Invitation: Pandemic Without Panic Part 2

So many messages coming your way right now from mainstream media, social media and your neighbor.  Can we find a way to filter it all to make decisions that will empower you, reduce anxiety and change the way you view your health?  

Apr 2020
Apr 2020

Episode 44- Anxious times of Covid- We’re gonna need a bigger remedy box

Calling the anxious times seems like an understatement. Listen in for tips and tools to come out of this better off than you went in- mentally AND physically.

Mar 2019

Whats in your anxiety remedy box?

Anxiety? Here are my top 5 soultions you can use NOW!

Jan 2019

Episode 42- Is your toothpaste causing fatigue, brain fog and anxiety?

Is your house (or the stuff in it) making you sick?  The products you use every day may be wrecking your body.  Listen in for some simple solutions you can start using today.

Sep 2018

Episode 41- Superhero Syndrome Revisited

Why do we always feel like we are not doing enough? in this episode we discuss your get better button, how to stop rowing upstream and avoiding that hole in your sidewalk.

Aug 2018

Episode 40- Are you operating in your Strength Zone?

Spending your time doing things that you aren't good at and don't interest you is a recipe for Burnout. Learn how to tap into your unique strength zone and get more results with less struggle.

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