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Mar 2019

Whats in your anxiety remedy box?

Anxiety? Here are my top 5 soultions you can use NOW!

Jan 2019

Episode 42- Is your toothpaste causing fatigue, brain fog and anxiety?

Is your house (or the stuff in it) making you sick?  The products you use every day may be wrecking your body.  Listen in for some simple solutions you can start using today.

Sep 2018

Episode 41- Superhero Syndrome Revisited

Why do we always feel like we are not doing enough? in this episode we discuss your get better button, how to stop rowing upstream and avoiding that hole in your sidewalk.

Aug 2018

Episode 40- Are you operating in your Strength Zone?

Spending your time doing things that you aren't good at and don't interest you is a recipe for Burnout. Learn how to tap into your unique strength zone and get more results with less struggle.

Jul 2018

Episode 39- 2 energy suckers that you can’t see!

Once you turn 40, you really need to start paying attention to your energy levels. In this episode I discussed 2 epidemic level energy suckers that you can't see but are most likely killing your energy and focus levels.

Jun 2018

Episode 38- Should I just move to Costa Rica?

Have you ever felt so stuck or stressed out that you wanted to cash in all of your chips and move to an island? I have. Before you give into to quick midlife crisis fix, listen in for the secrets I've used to rewire my stress response and find more satisfaction.

Jun 2018

Episode 37- The great 30 day testosterone challenge!

Are you ready to kick up your mojo hormone? Low testosterone can mean lack of energy, poor sleep, decreased happiness and drive, brain fog and mood swings. Here's a 3 step daily guide to start getting your mojo back.

Jun 2018

Episode 36- What is burnout costing you?

Burnout costs an estimated $190 billion a year in healthcare costs alone. In this episode we dive into what it's costing you financially, physically and emotionally AND 3 ways to get back on track.

May 2018

Episode 35- Who is making YOUR sandwich?

If you say yes to everything, you are saying NO to your health. Learn how to stop being the center of the wheel.

May 2018

Episode 34- Using Fat to Fuel Testosterone- with Ketobolic Expert Dr. Rob Vasquez

Want to boost your testosterone and energy?  In this episode, Dr. Rob tells you why the type of fat you eat makes all the difference, why "keto" diets don't stick, why blowing out his back was a blessing and how to avoid "disaster pants."  That last part alone is worth the listen!